Content Update 3.23.0 -- Path of Exile: Affliction

Now has a 0.750 second Cast Time (previously instant), and no longer has a Cooldown Time. It can no longer be cast on Frostbolt projectiles, and as such, no longer has 20% less Area of Effect when Cast on Frostbolt or "Can explode from up to 5 Frostbolt Projectiles." It now deals 49 to 73 Cold Damage at gem level 1 (previously 41 to 62), scaling up to 779 to 1169 at gem level 20 (previously 1209 to 1813). It also now has a Mana cost of 13 at gem level 1 (previously 11), and 25 Mana at gem level 20 (previously 20).
Quality now provides +0-0.2 metres to radius, instead of 0-10% increased Area of Effect."

Another awful change. No one asked for this and Vortex is not a skill someone is going to use the way you made it with this patch. It was meant as a secondary damage skill. You made it into something goofy. The cooldown is way too much and it's supposed to be instant

You made it so you can't use Vortex while moving as you were able to before since it came out. You now have to stop what you're doing to use Vortex. As if that's how it's intended to be used given how little damage it outputs and is used as a secondary damage skill. Yay, yet another skill ruined.
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Bring back Prophecy, Perandus, and Metamorph. Still waiting on Scourge, Sentinel, Kalandra and Crucible to be brought back. Stop removing content from the game.
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Are jewels like First Snow and Frozen Trail are deleted from this league or noone selling it? If removed my favourite CoC build is rip ;/
Does CALL OF STEEL no longer exists then?

If that so, my main character is builded arround call of steel with splitting steel and shattering steel TT

Please reconsider bringing it back, if no longer exists on the game

CALL OF STEEL, you'll be sincerily missed TT
Power Siphon:
Now Fires Projectiles at 4-7 nearby Enemies, instead of firing 4-7 additional Projectiles. It now has 10% more Critical Strike Chance per Power Charge (previously 20% increased), and +20% to Critical Strike Multiplier per Power Charge (previously 10%).

This change has now made me lose motivation to continue playing this league as i had wanted to play a power siphon kinetic blast wanderer since i started.
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The following Maps have been removed from the Atlas: Alleyways, Arachnid Tomb, Barrows, Beach, Cells, Cold River, Courthouse, Dungeon, Excavation, Factory, Fungal Hollow, Geode, Graveyard, Haunted Mansion, Lava Lake, Leyline, Malformation, Mausoleum, Pen, Phantasmagoria, Pit, Primordial Blocks, Primordial Pool, Silo, Sulphur Vents, Sunken City, Terrace, Tower, and Waterways

Does anyone know how I get Primeval Hideout hideout now that Primordial blocks is removed?
I can not believe what you have done to the game that I've loved for a decade. This update has done more to encourage me to uninstall your game than I've ever felt before. Not a break. Not just skipping a few leagues. Not waiting until you fix an issue. But walking away from poe altogether after 10 years of play and not finding a suitable replacement in that time. Almost as game changing as when you removed master crafting in my opinion. I stuck with you then, but I am much less convinced this time around. I am struggling to see the point in transfigure gems when they seem to ruin so many other aspects of the game. Honestly. What were you people thinking? All I can do is shake my head in disbelief. And I know I'm not alone.

Can someone convince me that this game is still worth playing?

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