Content Update 3.23.0 -- Path of Exile: Affliction

meta shake-up POGGERS
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Hossedos wrote:
p1r0mant3 wrote:
You all...much appreciated and as always I will continue to support, as you continue to put forth a great product


Tell me please how can I play "Poison DD" now?
Altquall 60% to chaos DD gone + Enchantment +5 lvl corpses gone + unearth nerfed.

They deleted best skill in the game.

"They deleted best skill in the game"

This is the point of patching the game, there must be no single BEST skill.

You are right, but with this additions in patch:

Tornado shot fires 1 secondary projectile
Spark fires 3 projectiles
LA cannot shock
EA have maximum 5 stacks
do I understand correctly that all my alternate skill gems will become regular skills gems when Affliction is released?
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My QoL List:
its insane how bad these pathes are after legacy league... nerfs and nerfs. For 10 funny things u take away u barerly add 1 or 2. Craft is gone, every funny skill is nerfed, unique items that are intresting are getting nerfs to the point its just better to use rare instead. I gues GGG game designers just lost it. Sad.
my builds:
Mighnichelix wrote:
No hex blast nerf? Wtf, its really op skill, i hate this shit

Mine Throwing Speed was nerfed on multiple support gems (minefield and high-impact mine support). No idea how bad that'll be for hexblast mines though. It's probably still very good and I'll consider it as a leaguestarter.
this game is only getting better.
I should have stopped reading when I read ultimatum mobs drop no loot in a game about killing mobs to get loot.

every single major chaos making method I preferred was nerfed or deleted.

I cannot overstate how much I fucking loath chaos recipe. its all I have left...

I enjoyed leveling and selling gems to 20/20. I enjoyed the dead reckoning recipe. I enjoyed all of heist. Is there anything even left of heist other than the divine trinket I can never afford?

I hope I didnt misunderstand the skill gem changes. We get actual interesting things using the lab gem crafting table thing that were not in the notes right?

Antigegner wrote:
do I understand correctly that all my alternate skill gems will become regular skills gems when Affliction is released?

That's what it says, yes.
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vwert wrote:
artek88pl wrote:
so they removed metemorph entirely...what about Astral Projector though is it gone forever? :(

They said metamorph uniques were being moved over to ultimatum.

nop catalyst yes, uniques will go to normal droppool

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