What will happen when the Trial of the Ancestors ends?

What a massive disappointment to not make Tota and Tattoos a core feature.
I'm glad the mech didn't go core, I hated it. Shame about the tattoos.
So Ancestors league finishes on the 6th Dec?

"Trial of the Ancestors won’t be going core in 3.23, so here's what you can expect when the Ancestor league ends on PC at Dec 06, 2023 8:00 AM (GMT+11) (this is displayed in your local time)."

But new league kicks off on the 8th?

"Path of Exile's Expansion Launch Date
You'll be able to play the December expansion for free on December 8th (PST) on PC and Mac and on December 13th (PST) on Xbox and PlayStation."

no longer the week or 2 gap before new league or is this mistake by GGG?
This mechanic should come back in future, modified in ways that kill off the cheese strategies, and modified so that non-cheese strategies can do the highest levels of it.

Great mechanic as an occasional diversion from the base game, but not one that was all that good if focused upon.
Le Toucan Will Return
I really do hope that it will be one of those 1-2 league downtimes given how much gameplay tota added like delve does. While also seeing how great tattoos are for the player and game. Still a really fun and good league was had.
No way tattoos is not going core peepoSad
So we have outdated delve, boring heist, even more outdated incursion live (counting only off map activities) and no fresh and fun trials? I really dont understand it. Why cant we choose ourselves this type of things? Just nerf something that you dont like about it.
Curious about the statistics for this league regarding players activities on different mechanics.
pure hopium here, but maybe tattoos will still be accessible. They said trial of ancestors won't go core which means the league mechanic won't be available. They could possibly add tattoos as drops from other sources.
Lab is 0 fun. Free the ascension points from lab
I hope TotA goes core eventually, it's fun and lore is great :3
Honestly surprised by the reactions here, it's my first league back in a while but my recollection was it's quite common for league mechanics to not be added to core immediately.
The trials mechanic was also pretty divisive so it seems natural they'd do a revamp before migrating it.

I do hope both come back though, tattoos added nice build options and the lore and characters in the trials were fun, it'd be a shame to lose them.

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