What will happen when the Trial of the Ancestors ends?

Dang I really really really wanted this to go core with tattoos for next league it opened up so many possibilities. So many new builds had been born and so much was possible. If we could get recombinators weapon trees and kaladra ring shinanigans with tattoos all in one league the builds we could make would be astounding. I was able to make a build in kalandra league I havent been able to replicate since. Same with this league. Well I hope the next league is as good for build diversity as this one was because WOW its gonna feel different without tattoos.
Really enjoyed Ancestor league, sad to see it not going core. Tattoos were great for further improving builds. A real bummer.
I'm just as excited for the 2024 Core Supporter Packs, and the new Affliction league packs
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Tattoos were a great addition to the game.

Also just because there are overpowered tattoos, doesn't mean that others were not well balanced.

Without the stun avoidance tattoos my build will struggle with quality of life next league.

Tattoos for each ailment avoidance would fix so many builds without overpowering anything.
I'll keep my fingers crossed that it returns in 3.24! The mechanic and the tattoos are waaay to good to get rid of
Ahw no tattoos in core?
Had really good hopes for it, too bad.
Hopefully they are still inspiration for something in the upcoming league

What was the last league mechanic to go core right after the league ended anyway?

It's a shame that all of these amazing ideas just get shelved and forgotten.

Maybe I'm just uninformed. Is it by design that none of the leagues go core or is it a decision based on metrics after release? I really want to understand what goes into this decision.

I understand that stuff like flying drones from Sentinel don't fit the motif - I get it. With all of the Trial of the Ancestors lore, world building and character development though, what happened here?

It could be that it's a manpower thing, too, I guess...

These nail-biter posts about leagues going core are a bit pointless nowadays, eh?
eternal orbs 2.0 here we go
This should go core :( Great league design, tattoos are so cool.

Idk why GGG are always against fun with this type of changes.
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What a shame, really. So much for any build diversity we had as a result of tattoos.
*Never forgetting how good this game looked at 32:9 instead of 1/3 of my screen being black bars.*

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