What will happen when the Trial of the Ancestors ends?

hmcg020 wrote:
It could be that it's not going core because the server hosting for the context of a whole league like TOTA, needs to be freed up for the incoming league. Then if they can afford it down the line, they can consider bringing it back. Just a business case for next quarter, I guess.

They could bring back tattoos as part of something else. They would need to tie it into lore or something relevant, which I don't see that happening.

I mean the fortify on melee hit and extra projectile tattoos were incredibly powerful for so many builds. One could argue that it gave more build diversity, or that it just made it mandatory to get them and so removed diversity. Depends on the conclusion you're trying to come up with reasons to justify.

- Tattoos will probably only come back if tota comes back.

that is not necessarily true, because most of the league-specific currency sources are intertwined anyway.

I have shit ton of fossils despite not doing delve even once this league, which mainly came from legion war hoards and simulacrum waves. almost anything can drop from anywhere in the game, so they could easily implement tattoos within blight chests, simulacrum and delirium rewards, legion war hoards, delve nodes, incubators, metamorph rewards, ritual rewards, excavated chests, 5 way rewards, tujen rerolls, etc.

does it matter lore-wise that we can get fossils from war hoards? obviously not, because you can do it. I don't see why it would be a case for tattoos.

it appears they didn't go for this route because ancestor will be added to the core game in a future expansion
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Really dumb move, GGG, really dumb. Best league mechanic in God knows how long. Heist went core so why not ToTA?
deothor wrote:
tattoos not going core is really disappointing.

They fit perfectly with rogue exiles. People would finally have a reason to spec into them un-ironically, or for the memes.

Oh well.

That's a very good idea. Rogue exiles could certainly use some unique loot.
xhongi_ wrote:
Tattoos will be missed, tota wont

Keep Tota like a side chick
Tota was the most fun i've had in a while with a league mechanic... SAD!
PVP is in a pretty dreadful state at the moment, even if you arent planning on doing anything else with TOTA, how about adding it into the game as a new PVP mode?
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I personally don't care much for Tota, it was fun a couple of matches but got old fast, the set up and purchase of troops time was just too time consuming for me, now the tattoos on the other hand were definitely useful in particular for chaos res and attributes boost, I can see people contemplating hoarding them to sell them top dollar on std, but if you build your character around tattoos your toon will break once tree gets modified so is not worth it i my eyes.
i dont get it as well. Best character building mechanic after cluster jewels and they throw it away. I hope it will comeback like sanctum did. Or they will never see a penny from me.
my builds:
Dear GGG, TotA was one of the best leagues in times.

The league mechanic was great fun - a master piece for an ARPG and a really unique way to play the game.
To my opinion, the "cheese" was not so much a problem like some people claim. The tattoos are a meaningful way to make chars viable or improve weak spots.

Therefore, please bring it back asap!

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