What will happen when the Trial of the Ancestors ends?

Thank god. I won't have to see this out-of-map mechanic any longer. Hope they remove these pathetic sanctums as well. I hope Affliction League is playable from within the map like Sentinel or harbinger.
I feel like this is a big mistake. TOTA I am fine with not going core but the tattoos should. Make them drop from breach bosses, beyond bosses or similiar content which is not that rewarding compared to other farming methods as of now.

Tattoos benefit the entire playerbase in my oppinion.

-Min/maxing for the player who spends copius of time on PoE and can spend 10 divs on a +1 projectile.

-Fixing gaps/blunders in gear for the casual player who does not have the currency to fix a build which in one way or the other becomes bricked. Speaking of resistances, accuracy, certain other tresholds and such.

The game is already too punishing for new players and even more advanced players that want to try a build without a guide. Tattoos helped a lot.
Rikku wrote:
kahwigulum wrote:
As will all things in this game, those with no jobs who play 80+ hours per week will be able to afford the most powerful builds in the game, while the rest of the player base languishes in despair.

I have a hard time understanding your mindset here, isn’t it pretty normal for players with more time investment to be stronger (and wealthier) than average joe with limited time?

How lame would it be if it makes no difference if you play 10 or 50 hours a week, have everything streamlined and easy to obtain? That sounds like D4

Exactly, to add more this logic applied to everything in life and I do mean just about EVERYTHING. Think going to the gym only one hour a week person deserves a body of a guy eating 5k calories a day and working out 4-6 hour everyday? Would you let a doctor fresh out of college with no specialty perform brain surgery on you over a 50 year old doctor who has been doing brain surgery successfully for the past 20 years?

Anyone who invest more time into ANYTHING will usually always be better than a person who dabbles. P.S. Even in a leveled playing field game like league of legends those players who play 8+ hours a day will generally always crush you.

-End Rant
TizeNO wrote:

Yep, having 50% minion explosion on basic attributes is fine though?

First having flasks doesnt force you to remove something else, every build can have 5 flasks and doesnt trade anything for it so no logic in your opinion.

Second why didnt you asked yourself than 'what the heck is this logic' when you wrote that something is fine if every build is benefiting from it. Than with your logic every build one shotting Sirus with some addon is fine because every build is benefiting? You would be a 'great' game designer lol

what minion explosion are you talking about? if you're talking about the 2% explode tattoo that's not even a good one lol

no clue what you're on, the majority of the tattoos aren't even close to being op. 2% suppress and 10 dexterity are basically the same thing when you evaluate the suffixes you can get on items, and the same thing is true for almost all of the tattoos.

exaggerating my statement to create a straw man argument is a great idea to argue with strangers on the internet, keep going with it. no one will one shot sirus with 2% suppression, or 0.1 melee strike range, or some chance to avoid being stunned. most of the tattoos are merely tools for min-maxing builds in terms of QoL, and don't introduce a real power creep factor into the game, especially considering the fact that you're losing attributes to gain their effects

the only tattoos that are problematic are projectile speed, additional projectile, flask effect, and maybe the max res ones with the unnatural instinct trick, the global def one and the mark effect one. these can easily be balanced with some changes and ggg is probably already aware that they messed up, the rest are completely fine
Very sad to such an interesting mechanic such as tattoos being removed from the game.

In my opinion this was one of the most interest changes to the passive tree (together with cluster jewels and masteries).

The trial mechanic is also very unique and required a very different gameplay style from all the "map buff" mechanics (such as abyss, breach, etc).

Hope to see a TOTA comeback in core in the future.
I don't care about TOTA
But the tattoos are too good to be gone...
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Where's ultimatum?
In order to get rid of clearspeed meta cap global movement speed at 100% but make all skills instant so everything feels great.
I'm disappointed what ggg say... Ultimatium was a good league and gone. Kalandra was good league and gone. Ancestor league was awesome and gone. Really?
You make great mechanic in game and you just put to trash?
My only interaction with the league was becouse of challanges.
It gave me negative enjoyment.
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Tattoos would be a great addition to the general loot pool in the future.

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