Blast from the Past Twitch Highlights

can remove the next event and give more 7 days for this who like 10 spirits each map anyways
krangled was a pretty bad too
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Please 1-2 more week
Please add Sentinel's to core

I don't get last two clips, what so special about it? Just common situation
Sentinel needs to go core, it's so much more fun with it. I really don't care about the recombinator crafting, i enjoy boosting uniques bosses for loot. Makes them UNIQUE enemy actually mean something.

Please make Sentinel go core and you can remove the ghosts tormented spirits. Sentinel is just a way better version of that.
Both leagues need to go core. This can't be the last days we play Sentinel at least. surprised how much better lakes seem. next scourge and synthesis!!!!!!!!
So dumb that Sentinel, the best league ever made that works with the other map content, can't be in the game because "robots unrealistic". Just make them a bird familiar or something.

Also, have you noticed that you have Aliens in the game? Celestial Gods? But ya, okay, draw the line at robots. That was a pretty unreasonable thing for Chris to say.

The league is fun, put it in.
Please add Sentinels to the core game
just add sentinel to core you monsters
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