Blast from the Past Twitch Highlights

Sentinel and combine orbs are really nice, love it! hope they go core!
Loving sentinel and kalandra as well! Wish they were both core... even if recomb and etheeal reflecting mists were mirror rarity
i just started, level 15 on race and is nice
Big fan how you put in waggles clip like some sort of highlight, when it's a brick cause he has full suffixes and you refuse to bring back any method to save such items (reforge keep). He had to yolo annul the bow and it removed an essence mod. Crafting is in such a good state 🙏
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On a serious note:
As it becomes obvious to me that you can only compete at the top level in events and league start races, if you don't sleep at all until you win or at least restrict your sleep to an unhealthy amount:

GGG, did you think about the option to have an account be restricted to let's say 16 hours of playtime every 24 hours to stay on the leader boards? I would imagine this has the positive effect of your most competitive players not being forced to risk their health in order to compete for the prizes and also widen the possible candidate list by a lot.

My idea of implementation would be a client pop up warning after 15:55 hours played in any given 24h passed, that if you want to continue playing now, your account would get flagged for "unhealthy playsyle" and you would be removed from current leader boards. The proper action to stay in the competition would be to log out then and rest for 8h.

Is this idea crazy new or maybe old and shelved already!?
That's a neat event, but I don't understand how normal people can enjoy the recombinators in 7 days. I was able to get level 90 and how many did I drop? One, exactly one jewellery recombinator. And that's it, I won't be able to play until next weekend. This is really confusing. I understand that you like racing, but it's not for everyone, and it doesn't really fit into more end-game oriented events like this one.

P.S.: and objectively speaking, I am not "normal". I spend way more on this game than the average adult can.
May peace be with you, exile.

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