Character Skills in Path of Exile 2

I'm not normally the type of person to follow a video game's development with anything more than passing interest, but Path Of Exile is near and dear to my heart.

The passion that everyone shows in their field is inspiring.

It's good to hear that there will be somewhat less laser focus on powering up just one skill, and that it will be much more like building a whole play style instead of" "This league, I'm going to play" *Rolls a four sided dice* "A spell skill, with-" *Throws a dart at a board* "Intelligence stacking, and using-" *Pulls a piece of paper from a hat* "-mageblood-" *audible sigh* "Someone already did that"

Just don't go too far in the other direction, or we'll end up with diablo again, and we're here to get away from that.
Not looking bad, but still a long way to go
I can't stand Monks and I wish games would stop incorporating them. Shapechangers and Druids, too. Boring and cliche.
Diablo 4 team is crying watching this oooh man i love u ggg and i love everything u guys do
Every Time i ask myself...

Do the Devs... and look at sources like Poe ninja?
Do they look at what people play?
Do they read about mechanics in other Games and how people feel about it?

Most of us know a Game where Mechanics look like this:

1. Reach a Group of Monsters
2. Press Skill 1 to Buff yourself
3. Press Skill 2 to Buff yourself further...
4. Press Skill 3 to Debuff Enemies.
5. Dodge Harthit from Enemie.
6. Press Skill 4 to do moderate Damage.
7. Repeat from step 2


1. Reach a Group of Monsters
2. Press Skill 1 to generate Energy ( or Mana, Anger, Essence, etc )
3. Press Skill 2 to generate more...
4. Press Skill 3 to ...and even more
5. Dodge Harthit from Enemie.
6. Press Skill 4 to do moderate Damage.
7. Repeat from step 2

That is all i can see what PoE2 will deliver and if it will so... Shame on you to call yourself still an A(!)RPG... mmorpg´s have smoother Gameplay like this.

But im not here to just tell you what i dont want... i also tell you what i Want!

in my Eyes, a good ARPG is a Game where you have to think about your Equip.

What Stats do i need for the Skill i want to play?
What passives do i have to use?
What Supportskill does help me the most?
How do i craft the Gear for me?

And after managing all these... i will earn the fruits for my effort and RUSH thru those Hordes. looking at Limbs and Skulls flying everywhere.
WITHOUT thinking about a ugly rotation of Skills i have to push every 5 seconds!

But I don't think this text will be read by the developers anyway...
Oh yeah... and English isn't my native language... So if you find any mistakes, feel free to keep them.
damn im worried about this "spirit" thing, minions need huge buff cuz if they now reserve spirit means u can use no auras/less auras with them, and they are already pretty weak compared to the past(talking about permanent minions)
you guys doing any thing with this multiplayer part of the game?
skills Needs Rework:
Raise Specter, Raise Zombie.
Will all the attention to animation detail make sense past "the Beach" when everything becomes a mostly indiscernible mess of shapes and colors?
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