Character Skills in Path of Exile 2

Sadly, many of these solutions are sorely needed in Path of Exile 1 and now we don't know if they'll ever be implemented on the current game. It means there will be more and more reasons for [NOT] runing both games for a extendend period of time.

Since I have no ideia if I'm going to like PoE 2 or not, this is just bad news overall, because my perspective as a current player is that all this work that were promissed to be put on PoE 1 is being put on features the community have been asking for quite a long time but for game I don't even know I'm going to enjoy.

At least put the spirit bar thing on PoE 1. I would love not to have to reserve 98% of my mana on every single character I make.
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"In PoE1 1 skill have to do everything"
Well guys.. to be honest most of the peoples which I know including myself we just doublecrossed "The Elder Scrolls Online" dissregarding that we are hardcore fans of TES just because guess what :
The usage of "piano skills" which does nothing and they are pointless.
And Yes - TESO already have all these rollings attacks, multiple skills need to fight, cool animation for every movement and etc.
Yet - the fans literally hate the gameplay.
Welcome to "repeating the mistakes of the others" just because some 12 y old on redit which played for a couple of house said "It is cool man".

PS : Do You know the main reason why NONE of the new MMORPGS which is coming out literaly no one like ?!
- Just because of the pointless piano skills.
The MMO players looking for killings per second than playing ninja half a hour toward a single mob. And Your game on top of that is tend to be ARPG.. which is "hundreds of bodies per second" not a "couple of bodies per hour".
No one literaly care how good is the animation of the fight if there is some boring fight.
There is at least 10k games out there with boring fight and at least 1% of them having cool animation as well, and practically none of them is played.
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If Your characters tab is set to private - Your arguments is already invalid!
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If the use of chromatic orb is deterministic, why would there be even three different colour gems? why can't all sockets be just white? it looks like they don't even go on an item now, so why is there a need to have a coloured gem?
Maybe fix PoE 1 before releasing PoE 2, if PoE can't run properly on high-end components then what hope does that leave for PoE 2?
Hello guys.
2 games
Monsters design seem very nice
Hopefully there will be a barehand/kick skills with martial art theme
I love Path of Exile, but the future is bleak it seems.
Wow looks cool :D
To be honest, my hype level is at 0 since I know in which direction POE2 is supposed to go.

Also, I don't want to use 5 skills.
Diablo 4 has shown me that I do not want something like that. Nor the slow gameplay experience.

This looks absolutely terrible, I have no words for how bad this five skill map clearing game is going to feel. Also, any game where bosses reset health on player death will lead to 95% of players using the strongest skill combo. PoE 2 looks pretty but sounds like a garbage game.
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