Character Skills in Path of Exile 2

Daily Reminder: Path of Exile 2 is forced Ruthless
Wow. at first, I thought "9 gems at 6 sockets", that's for necro :6-links skeletons , 6-link SRS, 6-link zombies, 6-link spectres, etc....

But I read "permanent minions reserve spirit while alive", which means I'd have to spend slots to improve my spirit instead of improving my minions or my life.

The necro build is dead.
Oooooh I'm really interested to see how the Spirit reservation will play out in the long run <3 Overall, really excited for PoE2 <3
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I'm honest...I freaking love PoE, but i dont like anything i've seen about PoE 2 so far. :/
Curious. Hopeful. Worried.

Will there be any chance for trade overhaul? I'm kinda tired by having to AFK in my hideout just to sell some items that will sell.

And i'm tired of trading 1c/1d items by the same manner.

An auto-trade stash tab would be a wonder. Put your item in it, set the price for b/o and forget it, in the place of this item a currency would appear once someone has bought it.

This would also prevent scammers from cancelling the trade and then putting a different, cheaper item in the trade window.
this looks so much worse than poe 1. it's like you guys want to take everything that makes poe 1 good away and call it poe 2. hopefully poe 1 won't be abandoned when this is out.
The monk looks absolutely fantastic!
Be Quick, or Be Dead
Tiicon wrote:
The monk looks absolutely fantastic!

Do you know what base character is the monk? I know he is strength + dex, but is he a shadow or duelist? Cuz he looks like a shadow but more wise, but stat wise makes no sense xD

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