Unique 3D art

The blood thorn Alt art
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It's looks like a Zord of Megazord from Power Rangers
Neden yaşıyorsun?

Completed 14 Challengesdalien wrote:
Oh man, finally Thunderfists get their model. Look great.
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skirmish quiver has 3d art. you can probably ask for permission for it to be added to the unique quiver list from the aithor of the ancestral chieftain mara buikd guy.
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New altart Shadows and dust looks great, 1st glove with animation if im correct, will try post image later

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this one is missing also in the list PVP season boots.
no 3d artwork afaik
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Can you still skin transfer necks/rings effects?
I tried with Shaper's Seed Agate Amulet and it didn't work.

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