New Microtransaction: Arachnamagus Wings

When any hexblast mtx?
Now when we can buy the Scourge wings, can we have the new divination card Kirac armor set as challenge league reward :).
s0mbr wrote:
I believe they are too busy fixing perfomance issues at the moment... And if this is the case of that mystery box delay I 100% approve it. Some things got fixed every patch but some new problems appear. I got it almost fine before the very last small update yesterday, now its glitchy again... I dont need any boxes or MTX in the game i cannot play properly. Do you?

the people who make the mtx and the ones who work in the game content/performance are not the same
Mystery boxes would be good
Missing Karui themed cosmetics :/ I hope the Mystery Box wraps this up.
Alan Leonardo Piovesan
New wings are cool but fix the abyss pls:)
Poe is the only game where i would wonder where are the mystery boxes and when can i buy them
Ice Spear effect PLEASE!!!!

Bone arrow Ice Spear, Hand/arm thick bone that shoots like a proqupine proj

Celetial Laser Ice Spear (like a black ish cannon (1st stage) with a celetial shaper stlye laser(2nd stage).


where is the new core Supporter Packs mystery boxes?

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