New Microtransaction: Arachnamagus Wings

Jerle wrote:
Familiar looking design.

Worse than the original Spider Back Attachment
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mystery boxes pls <3
does it eat flies?
Second-class poe gamer
Mystery box when??
Where is mystery box that i will not buy due to VERY bad game performance?!
Guys, mystery boxes cannot be released. there is a bug where you have to load all poe player stashes worldwide to open a box kappa
My Shop:
I wish these wings had 8 legs like a spider instead of 6 like an insect. Spiders are not insects.
ATIX89 wrote:

Is it just me that in somehow can hear this?

Mystery boxes, issues with game crashes and/or other graphic related problems and also the communicative devs that will update us on all those things (that is called quite important information) - because they must do something more important now (than what we think is important).

Like deleting comments in forums (that disagree with the op, but in normal behaviour). I think it says somewhere in CoC that the op can feel offended if someone disagree and telling why. It is unusual those days, so if someone disagree you should just write that - because it sees mor constructive. Don't ask me why or how - but it i. They also need to tell all people to mail them instead of asking about account related things in the forum. The crew is busy. We must understand that. I am sure they have a priority list. Maybe not as you - or me - wishes but I am sure they work it through.

I would guess someone from the crew will read all of your (and my) wishes about myster box before the end of the month. Hopefully also take it higher up. Then they need to decide. Patience my friend.

If anyone feel like grumble a few things off, write it down and just send to me. I promise I will read it. Though I can't change anything.

In either way I wish you all a wonderful day wherever you spend it.

Much Love from Nattvind in Sweden!

I couldn't disagree with this, although my main concern is; that which is postponed or delayed will be suboptimal in quality.
Confront those who dare obstruct the transmission of your information with swift rejection, for they sit silently obsessing over your submission.
ScreenName wrote:
Might be time to tell us why there's still no mystery box.

Because they finally decided to stop using this practice toxic to the consumers (proven by multiple papers)
People in these replies are actually unhinged. Get a new hobby, please. Or a life, maybe.

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