3.22.0b Hotfix 2

Does the change to minimum mob movement speed mean we cannot chill + freeze mobs effectively anymore?
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GGG: Oh I see you all are having fun...
MARTHAAAA!!! Where is my hammer? I'm gonna end up this now...
beezlbub wrote:
Beyond dog**t, just what the hell are you thinking? This is beyond stupid unless yall Equal the playing field and make our units equal AI, or Have the enemy get STUNNED like we and our champions do, otherwise they just continue to channel while you hit them from ranged. No one survives after rank 800 because everything pretty much 1 shots you.

What. Is. the. Point. Of. Taking. Away. Our. Fun?

I think we're stuck in a situation where if they made it like that we'd have builds who could just spam damage all over the place so they could never break your totems but there needs to be some give and take, they can't make the enemies unkillable, then also make then not able to be CCd or really interacted with at all. At least have the mob HP scale up and taper off to a point that isn't totally dumb so its an actual fight.

We honestly need the ability to go sideways like in Delve, maybe have the ability to drop back down to some threshold, hell, even if you're losing after 3 or 4 rounds, you're probably still getting a couple of rank points which means you get wrecked more the next match, how is that fun?
Honestly Bex leaving makes so much sense now.
most cringe change of all time
nice band-aids
SSF is not and will never be a standard for balance, it is not for people entitled to getting more without trading.
Should have named it "The Death of Ancestors" because nobody wants to do a mechanic where regardless of how tanky you are - an autoattack one shots you. Then all of your team dies. Then you lose. Because the enemy mobs are unbelievably overpowered and your team for some god forsaken reason does not scale.

How that has not been addressed yet is baffling. They do this at almost every single level outside of the beginning ones.
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And how does GGG think people should farm this without resorting to all sorts of clever tactics like chance to flee and knockback? Horrible allies who can't even be given simple commands and unkillable opponents who kill you with one hit (even after the "nerf"), and I play on HC and my character is a mega tank.
RIP Tota.. 1 patch made it impossible to do league mechanics... GG
Nice to see obvious exploits going away but can we get an actual balance pass for the league at the same time? It is not a fun kind of challenge when you instantly die at every hit you take. Especially when there are multiple things that can hit you from offscreen. I actually really like the league and have been spamming it for the last 2 days but it became very boring after tier 500 because of the amount of non telegraphed one-shot attacks.

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