3.22.0b Hotfix 2

deluxepatte wrote:
nice before balancing this shit you kill ppl complete ...good job gg

you fucked the whole champ ascend for league mechanic thx boys

This does nothing to Champ, since being "unaffected" isn't the same as not receiving taunt. All the champ nodes still work.
can i play halls or my ag will be one shotted again?
imagine sucker rushed buying EG for 50+c only for them be useless in few hours.
even general's cry taunt?
This mechanic is in dire need of a "freeze your current rank" function just like in delve where you can choose to go sideways.
What a shame it's killed off completely. I liked the idea of building a super niche build for the mechanic.
Taunt immunity lol. Way to shit on any build utilizing taunt.
Guess it's time to level up ftostwall and increased duration.
Also Jadecrafter is still alive after match ended and can REALLY kill you.
Thank you for the quick fix, this was really making me not want to play the game honestly
Last edited by ZaM on Aug 24, 2023, 10:41:21 PM

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