3.22.0b Hotfix 2

This is a great change but we need to fix this league mechanic to start. no mater what we will rank to a point where we just die over and over. there is no way to limit your rank to a rank you can win at. On top of this we are just getting one shot and the enemy is not stunned when we hit them off our totems. over all we were only cheezing the game mode because its not working to start.
Beyond dog**t, just what the hell are you thinking? This is beyond stupid unless yall Equal the playing field and make our units equal AI, or Have the enemy get STUNNED like we and our champions do, otherwise they just continue to channel while you hit them from ranged. No one survives after rank 800 because everything pretty much 1 shots you.

What. Is. the. Point. Of. Taking. Away. Our. Fun?
damn fun was detected rip knockback
no fun allowed!
What a joke. Mobs can not be killed later on in the Trails. Nerf HP on mobs if they is your solution.
So you'll be nerfing minion build next so they cant afk in blight ravaged maps? They watch movies and don't even play the game and rake in so much currency. But screw us for finally finding a use for knockback support after 11 years.
Thanks for fixing this stupid knockback tactics =)
Rongokurai still completely overtuned
nerf goliath of night damage please
We cant use frost wall either. It instantly breaks and falls away in the arena.

What the hell are we supposed to do VS unkillable mobs that also one shot you?
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