Path of Exile 2 - Gamescom Druid Gameplay Walkthrough

game looks sick, can't wait
can you have sex in the bear form?
Best reskin 10/10
GGG in Beastmode.
The Preceding message contains discretion.
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Ferablekeft wrote:
It looks amasing, but what i would've loved to see was that some of your equipment was reflected on your druidforms too..


I understand it and it would not harm any other players, at least PoE 1 is "single player". I am a bit old school in this though (even if I have changed), but the first step (I think at least) was to hide the helmet in games. I have always (berfore as said) played that if I wear anything then it is how I look. If I prefer a nice helmet but worse in stats I have to change.

Then it went on and became a full industry with how you want to look. And ofc it is more nice looking good ...

I think they will give you that oppertunity in mtx for sure. Cant see why they shouldnt. But as long as it is between making a "better" game and let you have shoulders as a shapeshifter, the answer is easy :)
Looks somewhat very slow.

And also, after witnessing that 3 min or so boss fight and after seeing the drops, well, doesn't look too interesting.

Most likely every boss will be a slug fest in PoE2 with yet again full screen of disco vomit and clusterf*ck of explosions.

Will wait till it releases to have a better understanding of what the game is gonna be but, at the moment, don't feel very hyped.
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I really hope they innovate the druid class in someway regarding the summons and the transformations.

Instead of just "play safe" with the werebear and werewolf transformation formula, adding new transformations and other types of summons for the druid (instead of just wolf, crow, vine...) would be nice.

I recall a MMO from 2003 that basically copied the whole diablo 2 skill tree but they added new summons and new transformations for the druid class (beastmaster in the game).

Maybe something related to New Zealand wild fauna could be interesting, let us transform into an elk (Wendigo?) or a weregoat, who knows...
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Looks like a step in the right direction.

Any word on whether we can manually block ourselves like the dodge roll? The more they get rid of the outdated DnD dice roll crap, the better. ex: % to dodge, % to block, etc... most of those antiques should be annihilated in 2024.
Man I really can't wait for a few leagues after the release of POE 2 when there are harder mob and encouter where not having armor is going to screw you.

This bear skill is going to become shit without them needing to nerf it. At one point you need defense and having barely any defense when attacking is probably the dumbest game desing this company has created in the recent time. Thats saying something.

A shame the thing look good but after a while its going to be unusable.

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