3.22.0b Hotfix

loots amazin!
how much tanky do I need to tank 1 hit from Goliath of Night now?
100k armor
4k life
10% mitigate to other element
3 endurance charge
20% phys reduction
still got one shot
This league mechanic is garbage.

When you get to rank 600+ everything one shots you. For uber tanky builds it is higher but the result is the same - one shot.

It makes builds pretty much worthless.

Was hoping this league mechanic would change the mob's stats (speed, skills, HP, attacks) based on the units employed. Thus you would counter with your units enabling you to step in and finish them off. A little like Expedition and Metamorph (in terms of editing unit encounters).

However this league is only about how well you can run and doge attacks. Nothing more.
You get hit once. Game over.
You do not get close enough to the enemy (i.e. you go after their totems). Game Over
You lose a trial. Game Over. As you only get 3 units and everyone has 6+ at high rank level.

League mechanic is very lazily implemented. Fantastic potential, great idea but just uninspiringly implemented.
Last edited by Mentalmike on Aug 29, 2023, 5:09:43 PM
Lowered the damage from the Trawler's Fish Trap Skill.

150k ehp, 40k armour, trap kills me instantly, how did you reduce the damage? One Trawler is stronger than the main character, he makes the base impregnable, he imba.
Beta tester Path of Nerf 👀
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