3.22.0b Hotfix

the only problem I have so far is Kahuturoa, his attacks are 2-3 screens wide one shot slams, I have to run to the other side of the map every time he starts talking and does a slam, then run back for a couple of shot then run away again, cause his slams have absolutely insane AOE and damage, and there is no escape if you are not a tank with 99.99 phys damage reduction, how bow builds are supposed to play the league mechanic? and I have 30% phys reduction and 3 endurance charges. I can take 2-3 hits from other phys warriors like Utula or Kaom, but Kahuturoa is plain broken.
3.23 is the best league of all time (an absolute banger)
POEtayto wrote:
more loot in d4 with less intentional wastes of time at this point

dude, get lost with your garbage d4, nobody is playing that trash
3.23 is the best league of all time (an absolute banger)
Some really balanced off screen ONE SHOTS with these changes.... **BALANCED**
fix that crap
any fix on the permanent knockback exploit?
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just remove the titanshells for the love of god...such A GIGA BULLSHIT..OR make it a relativly fast proxyshiield unit that works like a backdoor protection IE when its in the ENEMY BASE it protects its own base...
also totems dead should not despawn units then it isnt such a one sided steamrollfest one way or the other...
units and balistas IE every passive dmg should be deactivated while you your self channel. there is ZERO opportunity cost in going not self attak/cast
pushback/pull needs to be fixed and/or the AI needs to just destroy totems. To avoid the center pull exploits.
the defence ai prioritieses attaking walls over interupting channeling enemy if the walls spawns after the channel starts even if the wall is "not in the way"

You broke AI of flankers? befor patch it's was easy game. Now i lose because my minions doing nothing.
Dxt44 wrote:
Imagine gaming in 2023 on RTX3080 with 800x600 resolution to gain more FPS...

If i have to choose between worse graphics and better comfort(temperature, noise) i prefer second one. I see shit when packs explode anyway xD

I understand that performance in arpg is the most important thing, well, at least for me. So sacrifices as such are reasonable, I guess.

But my point was that, to murder your resolution this much on RTX3080 to gain some fps in POE because otherwise it's crap performance is definitely not right, of course it isn't. (cough* on GGG's part)
Stupid PoE2 Particle System Patch...

New mute system is another hot garbage.
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The crashing issues are even worse than they were yesterday. wtf is going on
will vixens ever be fixed
please for the love of god fix titanic shell for fork sake how hard can it be!, and if you cant fix it disable it so people doesnt have to struggle and wait 10min or more to finish their game
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