3.22.0b Hotfix

begging for stash tab sale
Jesus, please I know all these additions are great and all but add a RESPAWN TIMER in this Halls of the Dead mechanic.
Performance fix when?

GGG: Dunno, buy this mtx.
I play 3.22... uhm... I mean... I try to play since yesterday and I have unexpected disconnections every few minutes (my internet connection is fine). The game is unplayable to me. I've never had this in previous leagues.
Can the titanic turtles get nerfed a little bit more still the only they still seem like an auto lose.
Fagums wrote:
Can the titanic turtles get nerfed a little bit more still the only thing that still seems like an auto lose.
The reason they avoided putting a respawn timer on you during the fight, is people would have instantly realized how unfun it is to be 1 shot during a 5 second stun and then be dead for 10-20 seconds. GGG again confuses difficult with losing in a mechanic due to things out of your control.
Glad you finally address the performance issues in your live-updates thread. Hopefully there'll be fixes soon.

That said, looking at the mentioned thread has me thinking (as always) who the heck is testing your leagues before they go live. Many of the issues could have been fixed weeks ago if all you did was to run some TOTA with a regular character, or better yet several characters for different tiers. One person could have done this in no time. I really don't get why the playerbase has to act as your free beta-testers every single league. That's not why we support the game, atleast not in my book. :/

Pretty much the same applies to your engine update. It took you 4 weeks to address the issues in your live-update thread. 4 weeks with hundreds of people (or rather thousands if we include reddit) wondering what is wrong with the game in terms of FPS, lag, overheating hardware, shader issues...and so on. 4 weeks without ANY word from GGG except for that one guy in the tech problems section, and the dude literally said; "This is normal...Cuz shaders. Just load them again".

Just how? That's straight up ridiculous.
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Zeraq wrote:
Performance fix when?

GGG: Dunno, buy this mtx.

+1 , saw firsthand today how i7 10700 goes to 95-100 degrees just by loading HO/map/the game itself and then crashes because 100 degrees is the maximum that cpu can survive before it gets damaged. but hey we got a stash tab sale right?
Did the 3.22.0b hotfix revert Spell Cascade and Vixen's again? It was patched to old behavior for about a day.

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