3.22.0b Hotfix

I've just tried Rongokurai fight at 206 rank, but they still oneshot through 89% Phys DR, 50% avoid and 5K HP. You'll need to nerf them 15 times more to survive one basic ass attack from them (Earthquake oneshots still went through 5K HP and 5K molten shell).

Until it's fixed, I advise against facing Rongo (mechanic is doable unless you face him in the last round - then you rip).
Last edited by Tincaller on Aug 24, 2023, 3:36:20 AM
Soo... all bosses deal dmg as they should and no even slight nerfs to that?
Im sad.
Sounds like login patch.
3.15 was a joke. 3.19 was a disaster. Archnemesis/Ruthless/Crucible(Archnemesis 4.0?) - worst ideas. Ruthless is a joke, a waste of resources. PoE2(exilecon version) was super disappointing.
Oh, and while we're still discussing the disadvantages of the league. Why do the opponents DO NOT have simple karui, and there are 3 times more strong warriors than the player has, despite the fact that the bosses can one-shot?
Disappointing to still have no performance improvements... :(
Fix revive bug with Dissolution of Flesh pls! Tired of losing rewards over and over.
Still no performance patch...
no Xesht-Ula zero drop fix? sadge
nice, time to play the league mechanic :)
"Ah, salutations my children... are you ready for your daily dose of smooth jazz?"

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