3.22 Performance

Demento0r wrote:
For me it is CPU load. I am playing PoE for a long time now, but loading into maps and the first 10 seconds afterwards PoE has 80%+ CPU Usage. Never experienced that high load on CPU before 3.22.

the loadingtimes in general are skyrocket and random latency spikes makes it unplayable.
My FPS is all over the place. This game used to run like a dream. I loaded it up today to play with some friends and the framerate was so inconsistent and bad that I quit at level 4. Dropped my settings, same issue.

Might check out the November league if it's fixed by then.
Uranosauros wrote:
Guys believe me, it is NOT your rig. It is something they did lately which made the game unplayable or their servers are not sufficient enough (probably thanks to diablo 4 which made POE more famous) and it seems they don't care so I don't care either. There are other games to play

It was the pre-league ironically named "performance patch" that broke things for many people. There is zero reason for anyone in this thread to go and attempt to upgrade their hardware as it is 100% GGG's issue. Both low end and high end systems are having these problems, and worked fine before that patch. There was even a guy on the forums who bought a whole new PC and still had these issues. All we can do is wait, find something else to play, or go outside.
Copied my comment from reddit, game is basically unplayable in this state:

Same here, before last update I only dropped in fps in megajuiced maps. But they were still playable.

Now I freeze for six-eight seconds at least once per instance. Makes pinnacle bosses impossible and mapping frustrating as hell. Basically I enter a instance. Go to the first mob pack, run back (while game freezes for six seconds) and hope I don't die in the lag. Game starts running again, and if I didn't die I can run the rest of the instance lag free.

After that freeze I can play the instance without any further lag. If I exit and rejoin, say to sell something, I get the same lag again then it runs fine.

It's literally impossible to level up now since I WILL die in every map because of the lag. Fix pls.


RTX 3060

Ryzen 5 5600

8GB Ram (I know, a bit low)

Absolute worst settings because I couldn't care less about graphics. Didn't lag anything like this before latest update.


Today it's even worse. Now the game is literally unplayable due to lag.
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I have insane latency spikes since today.
It´s almost unplayable.

edit: it is unplayable
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Insane latency for me also randomly after 5-10 minute of play the game grind to a halt and froze my PC then crash i can use my PC again.
the last update seen to have broken something.

AMD Ryzen 7 3700X 8-Core Processor
16 GB ram
Is there any fix to this?
alt01dz wrote:

The last one is in a boss room in the Sanctum. There aren't even many particles flying around in those fights, so what could be causing this sort of spiking?

Makes it impossible to enjoy a game mechanic where responsiveness is critical to survival

This is so-called "multi-threading bug". These CPU spikes will completely vanish if you disable multi-threading in Options.

Unfortunately 1 core isn't enough to run maps.

So read about disabling C-States for your PC processor on this forum, it helps somewhat.

There is a reddit thread about a Windows 10 Energy Plan that exactly does what this developer cannot fix. It disables the C-states and the game works perfectly afterwards.

I tested it on 2 different machines that had terrible performance since their fuck up and it completely went to the state it had before this fucked update.
Yeah using it too, a power plan with C-States disabled.

Otherwise the game is simply unplayable.

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