3.21.2c Patch Notes

Seriously... I was doing my last map to have my last skill crucible allocated, cant you push it through... . -.-
Update Loops. Reboot my computer a couple times. Installed and learned how to use SteamCMD really quick to force an update, but that also did not work. Stuck on 3.21b. Uninstalling, removing directory, and reinstalling. I'll update if this was successful.
"further improvments will be made in 3.22" il hold on to that hope and hope it will fix the performance issue PLEASE GGG i really wanna play this league
Stacey_GGG wrote:
It appears there was a delay in the update showing up in Steam. It should be available to download soon if it is not already.

Thank you, it works now. :)
Ty, work.
thanks for stealing the candy from us kids after giving it to us the crucible trees will be missed.
Bye Crucible.

Was a good league
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Jaggedclient5 wrote:
I was wondering why my HH Boneshatter build was occasionally unable to hit enemies due to having too high an attack speed lol.

"Fixed a bug where Strike Skills with high attack speed were not hitting Enemies."

So your character is now complete, in Standard lol

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