3.21.2c Patch Notes

Stacey_GGG wrote:
We're investigating issues with Steam updating, sorry for the inconvenience!

Also, make sure GeForce Now is up-to-date too, not just STEAM please.
It's broken , keeps downloading then when done, it doesn't start and says new patch needed.
so it's better to play it with the poe launcher?
and I thought I fucked it up, even redownloading the whole game, still on 3.21.1b

guess I wait until issue is fixed huh
This patch is probably the best thing evercame out before league start. My game is smooth and I don't have to hear the cpu fan screaming. Thank you guys good work!
now steam is updating something, let's see if it works this time :)

edit: nope, still 3.21.2b
Last edited by xebtria on Aug 15, 2023, 7:20:50 PM
gaben mad?
Finally got the update on steam and am able to play again.
Mr_Macpop wrote:
Bye Crucible, thanks for the first 40/40. I’d like to see your mechanics again. BTW the extended league duration was pretty good IMO, a good chance to combine league progress with an intense RL.

I hope you're kidding about the league renewal.

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