3.21.2c Patch Notes

Bye Crucible, it was too long of a league, please dont do that anymore <3
Glad its not going core.
Usually i play to 38-40 challenges every league but i stopped after Kitava this time :D
Sad that another nice item crafting for average player is not going core.

When it comes to game problems just get 16gb of ram. This fixed everything for me. As this game eats 8-9gb of ram now. Idk why
L bozo B)
Started playing in Ultimatum.

Steam: 413758162
Discord: ash91
one of the bestestest leagues imo :) giga hype and copium on hitting the tree, I wish we could have it in core. Also, bring back scourge and SENTINEL I BEG! make POE GREAT AGAIN ;)
That was fun league overall, I didnt try many builds but still. <3 Good luck and have fun in 3.22.

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