3.21.2c Patch Notes

history will always remember you crucible goodbye cowboy.
Alter3go wrote:
Glad its not going core.
Usually i play to 38-40 challenges every league but i stopped after Kitava this time :D

You made it further than me. Though my standard characters got some well needed attention. I just couldn't stand to carry around manage inventory in the hopes to get a good Crucible roll. At least in Scourge you could leave it in the extra storage slot.
You're questioning me? The great sea-mistress Lilly Roth, about how she so happened to find you, failing at drowning, on some godforsaken fleshy piece of land?
It was a good league.
Trust your mind and strengthen your abilities!
im glad they remembered something with a melee tag on it only mark builds gets the priorities anyway
fun league. will miss crucibles.
First time playing PoE and joined midway through the league. Had a blast learning all the league mechanics. Really hope they polish up the crucible mechanic and fold it back into core some time in the future. Didn't really get to make something amazing in the short time I had.
One of the best league. Want it back in future.
Getting the login error

Steam: Not connected to steam

Anyone else?

EDIT: Looks like steam needed to download the patch. Should work after.
Last edited by goatfig on Aug 15, 2023, 6:39:07 PM
This small changes didn't help sadly, cpu C-states issue is still here
Last edited by Moonlight666X on Aug 15, 2023, 6:37:23 PM
or you can use the migration options in the character selection menu. Thanks for playing! Were is this option at? Do not see it.

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