3.21.2c Patch Notes

Steam isn't offering an update for PoE today :/ so I can't log in!
Any way to force an update?
Koller1 wrote:
or you can use the migration options in the character selection menu. Thanks for playing! Were is this option at? Do not see it.

I think it looks like two arrows on the login screen somewhere.

Like this:

Wait 15-20 min and steam's download showed up for me
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Game seems broken on steam it is asking me to update in game and then steam is just validating all files, not downloading any patches
Steam itself is having issues, made me sign in again and wouldn't accept it, now it wont load. So looks like a steam issue right now
Steam - update loop
We're investigating issues with Steam updating, sorry for the inconvenience!
Yep steam keeps downloading the
3.21.2b updated over and over

instead of the correct version

(looped 2x for me so far where it would download a verion bun when I open the client its the 3.21.2b version)
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yep, steam wont download.. sometimes valitades aal and the starts the game which tells me to restart for patching.. which does not start
You Only Level Once d:-D*
Bye Crucible, thanks for the first 40/40. I’d like to see your mechanics again. BTW the extended league duration was pretty good IMO, a good chance to combine league progress with an intense RL.

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