ExileCon 2023 Recap

Tie23 looking good!
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While POE 2 looks interesting to say the least, could you now put some efforts into improving POE 1 perfomance please? Its bit better now but still glitchy on the new engine and causes some troubles. I would prefer to start the new league on better optimized game. Thanks!
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Fix the recent patch please.
My CPU is still cooking since it arrived. And of 80% of my friends that have not quited the league too.
The last photo is FIRE hahaha what a Chad gamer
Exilecon always felt like a million dollar experience. Enjoyed the card game this time round and earning myself a mirror! <3
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Harvest is the BEST league EVER. Deterministic crafting ftw.
How will POE2 and POE coexist?
Did anyone defeat the biggest bosses in the card game? i.e. Searing Exarch and so on?
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great shots
TigerTree wrote:
Did anyone defeat the biggest bosses in the card game? i.e. Searing Exarch and so on?

I think it was around 300 people. Some people earned two mirrors. I beat two of the biggest bosses but they were both out of mirrors by then (my mistake for not sprinting like mad for the line for fighting Chris).
Wish I could've been there! Excellent job with the presentations and kudos to the content creators and GGG staff for signing autographs, etc.
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Awesome event - Clap Clap . Can't wait for 3.22 and poe2 .

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