ExileCon 2023 Recap

good stuff with the streams over this weekend. thoroughly enjoyed nerding out with the insights from the design panels, from Alexander to Kamil&Kane and all the others! :D
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fadekill wrote:
Riverwind77 wrote:
Separating PoE and PoE2 is one of the greediest moves i've ever seen in a company, you had your huge update planned and it was going to bring PoE back to life, finally getting rid of most of the useless core content we have now which reduces the poor optimization the game already has and lags heavily.

But you decided to LIE again to your community and now you will have 2 different games, just to keep milking those whales, one with poor nerfed content and one slow AF.

You had the chance to take the throne back when Diablo IV messed up in the last patch but you keep digging ur own grave spitting in your community. Even Diablo IV at its current state is still better, IMAGINE how bad the situation must be at GGG.

Lies and smoke everywhere untill closed beta in mid 2024, Diablo IV still has room for improvement.

Post cant get censored.

How can they milk people twice if microtransactions, including stash tabs, you are buying/have bought are shared between the 2 games?

easy, not everyone will play the 2 games, more chances of baiting people into mtx
I get censored and harassed by 3 cucks now.
my man tie23 ChadArrive
It was a great event!
I love Poe2 speed and more action.
two game need different.
well done. <3
TIE23HE, now the 2-time champ, a chad legend.
I really loved the Path of Exile 2 panels and showcases.
Kripp is a highlight for me since I found out about the game because of him. I used to fall asleep on my couch watching his PoE streams.
Please continue to bring him back. Hopefully I will be able to make it out to one of these in person in the future.
What we want: After the first character completes the first story, other newly created characters no longer need to perform story quests. If possible, adjust the experience multiplier so that lower-level characters can gain more experience in advanced scenarios.

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