ExileCon 2023 Recap

Cool con, was fun to watch, 10/10/100.
Ooh, ooh, that's me!!!
I get that it is nice to have high resolution pictures and all, but I did not need to load a bunch of 25 Megapixel images in my browser. They do not even fit on a 4k screen.

You really should have used lower resolutions for this thread, possibly with links to the full resolution ones in case someone wants those.
A.k.a. Sinisa / sinisasub85.
thanks for the great event
"Ah, salutations my children... are you ready for your daily dose of smooth jazz?"
Gymer Character :v
Excellent convention! It was fun binging on all the uploaded talks. The race at the end was quite epic. Grats to tie23he. Looks like he trained hard.

I look forward to the closed beta next year. Hopefully it is enough time to finish all the uniques, subclasses, league mechanics, crafting tweaks, and endgame mapping system. But even if it is just the first 4 acts and 2/3 the classes, it will still be super fun to play by the looks of it!

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