This past weekend we hosted ExileCon 2023 for over 1400 exiles traveling from all over the world to attend in person and hundreds of thousands of viewers online. It was an exhilarating two days for both our staff and attendees, packed with exciting announcements, interviews, presentations, and the card game. Today's news post is a recap of some of the awesome memories from ExileCon 2023.

Over the two convention days, we held more than a dozen various panels with presentations and interviews featuring our developers, community streamers and our special guests. We're still sorting out all the video footage, so we'll be posting VODs of developer talks and interviews in the news over the coming weeks. If you'd like to rewatch the livestream, there are two videos available at our YouTube channel (first day, second day).

Thank you to everyone who attended ExileCon 2023. It was great to meet you all and see some familiar faces from ExileCon 2019! You are all amazing and we've had so much fun talking and playing the card game with you! Thank you to viewers of our livestream. Without all of you an event like this wouldn't be possible. See you next time!
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gym chad
I'm thinking that at some point down the line poe 1 and 2 will merge. I don't see the separate games thing being sustainable. Smart move in the short term tho.
Too much censorship that you never even see. Totally removed posts and silenced accounts across all communities.
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It was a great time watching at home as well. I'm glad everyone that was able to go had such a great time!

Been going to the gym for years now, but seeing Tie come out and pull that pose off, I'm doing extra reps tomorrow.
good stuff. Lets hope next leagues gonna be good
Great work and grats for pulling a huge one off!

But now that it's mostly over please redirect some love for POE1 would you? Don't really care if POE2 gets delayed even more.

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