3.21.2 Patch Notes (restartless)

Reminder to NOT alpha test when they are doing "engine updates" they will NOT replace anything if you lose it.

wait some days or hell even a week.. really amateur move from the dev's to throw such patch when everyone is focused on their event. This probably will affect the league if there isnt some quick fixes.
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This patch had pretty hefty performance loss for me.
Finally? The particle stuff have been unnecessary heavy for like 2-3 years now. Even something like that fog effect in the beginning of act 6.

EDIT: Lol, or did it just make things worse?
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This should be an upgrade for me. Nice
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The game will not even open anymore using Steam's Proton on Linux. Monitor turns black for 1 second, then immediately crashes back to the desktop.
HARtbanned wrote:
cant play after update, i am in a loop like some described before: there is a patch that you need to update to. Please restart POE....

after restart poe -> download -> login screen -> same error message again

Steam client, Mac user

same here, seems all Mac users encounter this problem.

patch 3.12.2 is not a succes. Roll Back ?
Stuck in revalidating patch, can't sign in says need patch, back to downloading re-validating. Using 2017 iMac Intel.
Everything was fine until this patch, easy 240fps through all content, now i can't even get 60 fps in maps. atleast make it possible for us to choose which one we want holy hell.

Mind you: 7950x with a 4090 overclocked.
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This feature needs more work, the performance has worsened since. Tested it in a map with all content and after that in a blighted map with many stunning and freezing towers (as one would normally do those).

Normal map showed slight stutter but no long freezes as would rarely occur.

Blight map, however, showed low framerate (tested on all renderers also, with new triple buffering feature enabled and disabled), the results are following:

DX11 and Vulcan are unplayable at all times
DX12 has stable framerate at around 30 when the map is empty BUT with a lot of monsters on the screen, it was flickering like mad.

Previously in said conditions I'd have 40-60 fps stable on dx12 and graphic settings being set as much as possible to increase performance.

PC specs are nothing too crazy but has been working fine especially after I got more ram:
CPU i3 8100
RAM ddr4 32 GB @2400 mhz
GPU Nvidia 1660 Super
some SSD (not m2)
windows 10 oc

on current patch GPU load has showed around 1 to 2 GB at max, as opposed to CPU still being capped as usual

PM me tech guys if you need me to provide extra tests on this machine
with the new patch my cpu usage is going to %100 and fps is lower rtx 2060 6 gb intel i7-7700k and using directx12(edit: problem is fixed after switching from directx12 to Vulkan)
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