3.21.2 Patch Notes (restartless)


I cannot get this game to run normal.

1070 ti, i7 8700k.
Old parts i know, but i could run it very smoothly.

After this patch I have max 20 fps in juiced maps. This drops all the way to 2-3 fps.

The visual bugs are everywhere.. god have mercy on people with epilapsy.

The screen flashes nonstop, every colour. Its so hard to play. Litterly forcing my self to enjoy PoE.

3000 hours on steam, never have I seen this state of the game. I barely dare to say it, but archenemesis was a good patch compared to this...

I know you guys are working hard to fix the problems. Im probsbly not the only one when i say this, but i hope you guys can fix these problems before League launch. Otherwise the playerbase will bleed out, quickly.

You are still the best company out there, i appreciate you guys.

Thanks for listening/reading.
My experience isn't as catastrophic as for some people here, but there's a giant spike on CPU usage. Prior to the patch, I believe the CPU time per frame was between 2ms and 15ms, and now it reaches ~40ms (or 25fps) in the worst cases, such as Delirium+Ritual in juiced maps.

System is a non-gaming high-end server:
Dual-Epyc CPUs (many slow-ish cores)
256gb RAM
RTX 3080
Linux Gentoo, Wine-GE-Proton
Vulkan renderer

Somehow, while trying to move more work over to the GPU (a pretty good idea for particles), the CPU also ends up having to do more work. Better check that code again, something isn't right.
30+ days.

What a joke.

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