They need to just get rid of breach, it's worse than it ever was.

KyliaGypsy wrote:
Sometimes it is hard to let it go ... but this one needs to just go away.

No, the density is pretty good now, they just need to up the amount of shards that drop.
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I've completely changed up my atlas passive tree several times this league (about every 2 weeks), just to run different content and keep things fresh. Breach is absolute garbage with zero investment, I would hope nobody is even trying to argue that point, but incredibly worthwhile if you spec into it on your atlas tree. There are actually a few mechanics I'd say fit this category, Metamorph especially springs to mind, and I guess it's the new design goal for "league mechanics you find in maps."

So really your options as a player are to either block it with the keystone or go all-in, and either one is a solid choice.
I used to get a few splinters per breach, now I get almost nothing.
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