PSA: Names during ExileCon Qualifier Races

Demonoz wrote:
TwentyFiveEX wrote:
So weird this is specifically targeting streaming events and not, general day-to-day player misbehavior.. You'd think those are not different contexts, with regard to terms of service violating behavior but here we are.

That's what I was thinking myself considering I traded with a dude multiple times one league with the character name (and I'll just paraphrase since it was THAT bad) that was literally "I fornicated my sister" one word each word capitalized.

The worst part was they were trading in currency exchanges so I seen them almost everyday and traded with them multiple times throughout that entire league. Believe the league was Metamorph or Blight. Maybe the TOS was more lax back then?

And that's one of the most egregious standouts that's not even speaking of the countless others nearly as bad I see each and every single league, hell pretty much daily when I'm trading a lot. From racist names to hyper sexual names you name it people do it every league.

Exactly. There is a perceivable volume of inappropriate players out there that GGG seems to turn a blind eye too, even after reporting. So it's weird that one one hand GGG says they don't condone this behavior (in the contexts of events) but on the other, allow and passively condone ToS violations. It's inconsistent at best.

I could go on about the specific curation and attraction of negative influences in the context of gaming community environments.. but at this point, such feedback is wholly ignored and moot. Oh well.
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GGG has long been a company to let you say what you want, name things what want unless it is egregious or offensive enough to someone that they report it.

When it comes to PR, and them putting their brand front and center to as many people as possible, they /*gasp*/ don't want to appear to sponsor/condone folks with purposefully attention grabbing names of that sort.

It should not be hard for you folks to see that this is for the best on both accounts.

Companies like...well i won't mention specifics...that have active filters are honestly terrible. There are severe issues with saying that the name of an entire culture of people is a bad word, just because people will use it in an unseeming way. It is more that one they do this with btw. Think about that for a second. You...being from xyz place, means your entire heritage is seen as the obscenity police.

This is a simple example of why (very gladly) GGG has been this way.

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