Fusing Six Link Fun (Tell us your sad 6L story.)

I cant even remember when i got my first 6-link, but i spend enought fuses that i decided that from that point on, i would either use the table or be content with a 5-link

I think it was on scourge that i decided to give manual fusing another try, after the 3rd one, i decided the stress was not worth it(on top of questioning a bit just how favorable manual fusing really is vs table, esp considering time-wise)
I've been playing since CB, SSF only (can't stand trade). 6 linked only once.....I don't even bother anymore. I don't play enough to be able to get all those fusings.
My first six link was a death's aura chest, spent well over 2k fusings on it only to find out it didn't need to be linked.

I chastised myself for a week on using every name in the book. Fast forward to last week I had 120ish fusings left and decided to link my Stasis Prison and hit it with 3 fusings left.

Wrote hero on my mirror with chapstick and went to bed.
I six linked was showing off in chat Sever shut down and had a rollback. Lost my six link... That sucked but what was crazy it popped again to 6 link with 18 more fusings :) I still think support had a hand on this cause I was pissed lol and letting them know. This was when Six links were extreme rare. So if thats true ty support :)

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