Fusing Six Link Fun (Tell us your sad 6L story.)

My worst was spending ~800 fusing orbs before just banking up the remainder and using the bench, so total ~2300. My best was, and I will never see this again, 2 jeweler's orbs to get 6 sockets, followed by *3* fusing orbs to link all 6. I remember the latter especially because my beloved was about to take a shower, and I planned to spam orbs then so the sound wouldn't be too annoying - the item was 6-linked before the water upstairs was even turned on.
Worst was about 3k, I NEVER EVER use 6l recipe. I got the unreal luck of 6l in one fuse though for my Infernal mantle in SSF!

The best way to 6l is (and this is a secret I am willing to share) to cover yourself in soya sauce, put your speakers to the max, close your eyes and start shift linking as fast as you can. The is nothing more rewarding than hearing repeated "already at max links" sound!

This league, 619 for Windripper. Farming fuses is so easy nowadays that it honestly matter not if it is 500, 1k or 3.

Anyways, I'll go away now.

ps. Don't give up!
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This league I've linked at least 5 6l items without spending more than 200-300fuse, usually I try about 10-20 and depending on the occurrence I'll just change the socket colours, usually the 4 - 6 slot are the ones that "lock" the 6l, it sounds crazy or just illusion to say that but it always worked for me.
no 6l et this league. not hand mde that is.
dunno what the most is i spend on one. don't really keep track.
think the record of least is around 5 though. got a couple with less than 10 spend tbh. been a while gotta admit that lmao
Upside down andy.
I have never six linked in under 1000 fusings, EVER. My friend who played this game a total of 40 hour six linked his first try. He also got an Oni his very first chartacter from Hillock. Same play through found the Krillson. Absolutely absurd. I am at 3k hours or something, and I have never done any of that.
All of my currency goes to fusings, still havent got a 6l. 804k monsters killed. Ive only worked on 3 items since i was at around 300k kills.

With the game becoming much harder, i dont see why they dont improve the chance. My buddy spent 1400fuses on a 30q bow.

Im still on 5links...

5.5k fusings on shav back in perandus league and still no 6L. Ended up using bench...
Turtledove wrote:
Been playing since 2013, I've made many many six links. It is kind of a strange activity now. Used to be rare and a 6L was a luxury. Now it's a requirement that GGG has decided will go away in PoE2.

I never use the 1500 fusing crafting bench to 6L. Usually it only takes a few hundred fusings, rarely over 1500. Three times I've gone way over that. My first 6L took a little over 3000. Then one a few years ago took about 3500. On my current attempt, I've currently used all my 4000 fusings and still don't have a 6L. HAHAHAHAHAHA. I find it absolutely hilarious. I already converted most of my alterations and jewelers. I guess I could get a few more by converting the rest of my scrolls, augumatations, transformations, and the rest of my alterations. But I think I'll give up instead. :-)

Would you be interested in sharing your sad 6L story?

my record 3000+....... no joke... serious....
the 6link recipe should be the same as the socket anyway, since six links are pretty much mandatory now and stupidly rare.
I'm a slow farmer. I probably average around 800 fusings found on a league I'm really actively playing. Jewellers probably 3000. It's not enough to benchcraft more than one 6L per league so I buy them. But at times I just want a 5L for a secondary dps skill (imagine ballistas on LA build) and they end up 6-linking before they even got 5-linked. It happened once last league and this league once again.

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