The main reason I will go to Diablo 4:

You can skip the story acts, in Daiablo 3 they had adventure mode.

Path of exile is a more complex game that I would like to invest my time on but I did it once years ago and had enough of it because just the thought of going through the acts again prevented me to even bother with the ganme again.

Its archaic game design that doesn't belong in 2023.
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main reason I will go to D4: blizzard is known for great cinematics and I enjoy the diablo story for the most part(cain deserved better).

doubt campaign skip will be enough to hold you long term.
hoho get some.
I started the hoho movement.
You play diablo 4 so that you can skip the story?

You start watching movies in the middle too?
Some people ask for alternatives, and some people ask for the possibility to skip 60 out of 100 levels by the press of a button. Come PoE 2, we will have 2 alternatives, but I'm sure people will complain nonetheless. Throw endless Delve as an alternative? People will still complain.

Skipping will never happen. An alternative will happen. More alternatives can happen. But as long as one alternative isn't significantly faster than the rest, I think people will complain. It is the internet, after all.
Sometimes, just sometimes, you should really consider adapting to the world, instead of demanding that the world adapts to you.
have fun killing same world boss for the 1000000 time and doing the same dungeon for the 100000 times becuz there is nothing else to do in diablo 4
d4 is just diablo immortal reskinned KEKW aint got nuttin on poe2
Look on my works ye mighty, and despair.

Harvest league oh you are beautiful.
Phrazz is spot on. hoho.
I started the hoho movement.
xPiranha wrote:
Phrazz is spot on. hoho.
No, it's just his weekly "Da pipo dunno whaddey wunt!" blurb.
hoho is that what it is.
I started the hoho movement.

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