New Microtransactions: Crucible Forge Portal Effect and Gift Wrapping Paper and Weekend Stash Tab Sale

Will only buy the portal MTX if it will block league encounters just like the actual in-game crucible.

Sitting in HO spamming alts for 4 hours straight is peak PoE gameplay. Thanks, Chris.
The new way for RMT ? lmao
should be like 1 point/paper - if that.
✰CARD✰ The Survivalist
I can’t buy any more big supporter packs because the forum only supports showing 7 legacy tags.
The gift wrapping is a great ideea!

but should be like 6 for 30 points, come on.. people will use them alot if they like gifting!
Honestly thought you'd be able to trade non-legacy MTX with the wrapping paper. I wanted to gift some extra MTX I have to friends who are new to the game so they aren't in rags, but this kind of killed that.
very good

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