3.21.1 Patch Notes

I'm very sorry but too late. I truly am very sorry. It's been a month of wonkiness.

altus map-us delete-us!
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Reading other games patch notes: excited about something new added or improved.

Reading PoE patch notes: every line, just hope it won't brick my characters out of nowhere, or make my chosen content to have even less loot. And even after the notes, have to enter game and check loot before "phew, missed this time" :kap:

This is truly a unique reputation they've developed, a game that actively hammers down its own players and is proud of it.

Yes, in most cases build nerfs can be worked around eventually and with more investment, but why on earth should customers do all that? Was 10 years not enough to figure out the balance enough so no direct removal of specific builds is needed?
Well, message taken, I guess.
This is all, the first (and only?) major patch after one full month.
The league mechanism is still pointless, not even to mention the mid-league challenge changes.
All-time non-streamer luckless dropless rewardless tons-of-time-playing non-TFT-er 100% solo player.
So, it just turns out, we were lied to for years with the promises of a two-storied one PoE 4.0.
All these worse and worse beta leagues, all these braindead changes, all lead to this.

The "Defeat 100 Rare Crucible Monsters" and "Defeat 50 Unique Crucible Monsters" conditions for the Towering Titans challenge no long require the Forge of the Titans area to be level 84. The other two conditions for this challenge still require an area level of 84.

Thanks, i just spent 10 divines to get Crystalline Geodes for this challenge. 🙃
i am already 40/40... too late
No fixes to performance?
No info about the state of the connectivity in Europe or the insane usage of cpu power since this patch 3.21 ?

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Wow, many small improvements.
Thanks GGG
"Map Complete" now displays on the screen overlay when you have defeated the boss(es) in that Map.

Yes, thank you. I have been waiting for this for so long. :)
Making challenges easier? What a time to be alive lol, thanks to all people who go hard in the first weeks for beta testing them.

Also league mechanic sucks bad, the power creep is insane but so are the hoops you have to go through, like get base > get two crucibles > imprint > get the third > imprint > get the fourth > imprint > get the fifth > split > get rich I mean fuck thaaat.

Pain attunement working with CI was top kek though.
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