Name 2 defining characteristics of PoE.

1) Something killed me and I have no clue what it was (OFC it was a one shot).
2) A heaven for price fixers, scammers and bots.. and a total hell for anyone who wants to trade some items or currency.
1) over-complexity just so that the neckbeards on the forum, reddit and steam forums can say "its not casual!"

2) currency - do you want currency that turns into more currency that you can turn into better currency ... so you can buy other currency? POE is for you.
Las Vegas - with worse odds.
Patch Notes 3.15:
Fixed a bug where players believed the game was playable. This has been corrected and made retroactive.
Patch Notes 3.19:
Fixed a bug where players adapted to 3.15. This bug cannot be corrected, so we have implemented a 90% reduction in item access as a punishment.
Eternally dying.
Hard to kill.
- 10% xp loss
- No loot unless u play 12hours a day

1. Clutter, clutter, clutter
2. Zoom, zoom, zooooooom...

SRS spelled backwards
1. Unrivaled complex character building.
2. Incompetent Game Balance with Unbelievably drastic nuclear nerfs.
ProbablyGettingNerfed - L100 Occultist
Vinktarded - L100 Pathfinder
GoogleDiversityHire - L100 Necromancer

3.13 was the pinnacle of PoE. IVYS+1 Gang 4 Life.
1) Everything is an item that can be modified. EVERYTHING.

2) Trade deliberately made terrible yet the devs balance the game around trade anyway.
Украина в моём сердце
1. Unintuitive
2. Convoluted
hardcore casual.

Playing PoE for years and having fun despite GGG.

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