Name 2 defining characteristics of PoE.

1) Nerfs

2) One-shots
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1) a chance demanding community
2) a still demanding community even if changes are made in their interest/request

think that sums Poe up pretty well
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1. Bland , stale and copy pasted.
2. New leagues aren't a nerf fest, but we are going to go to hell for lying.
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1) Vision
2) Buffs

On a serious note I would say:
1) The continual effort to add new content without forcing players to have to buy it
2) The continual effort of game balancers to steer players away from their favorite builds by new over buffed skills/mechanisms and nerfing things that are widely used. Path of Exile is like a house plant that grows real money instead of leaves, but plagues you with stinging insects if you pick more than a leaf or two per week.
PoE Origins - Piety's story
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1) The Vision states that more friction = good.
2) The Vision also states that you just dont understand why more friction = good.
1: You can play for 5 minutes or 5 hours and there's suitable tasks for both.
2: In the entire history RPGs, PoE has the most complexity
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1: Too simple, make it harder.
2: Uber build? Nerf hammer coming.
1. Gambling simulator
2. Frustration

Above two could be related
1. to much clutter

2. an endless promise build on nostalgica, post/modern marketing strategies and powerdreaming of community and devs, formulated in the language of individuality, efficiency and competition, but heavy influenced by randomness and hidden knowledge and rules - completely in the zeitgeist
Great game
Bad choices

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