Name 2 defining characteristics of PoE.

1. Massive amounts of self made problems to sell you a solution to.
2. Overtly convoluted RNG based gearing to feign game depth.
Annoying ancient tetris-like inventory.

Former players who hang in forums to whine constantly about the game instead of just let go.

1. Doesn't respect your time.
2. Rng systems based on rng systems
1. Unreasonable release cycle
2. Constantly changing

1 and 2 go hand in hand for better or worse.
Years and years of lying and they said nothing. Wallet Shut. F2P until the wheels fall off the POE1 servers.
hidden op shit in giant pile of garbage loot/items/mods.
killing monsters fun.
1. Facerolling
2. Oneshots

It's an odd and unbalanced mix.
1. Arrogant
2. Stubborn
1. Math
1. Math but with extra steps

Bonus by Open AI :

Two defining characteristics of the Path of Exile game are its complex passive skill tree and its deep itemization system.

Complex Passive Skill Tree: Path of Exile features an intricate and expansive passive skill tree that is one of the game's defining characteristics. The passive skill tree consists of hundreds of nodes that players can allocate skill points to as they level up their characters. This skill tree offers immense customization and allows players to create unique and specialized builds for their characters. It covers a wide range of abilities, from increasing damage and defenses to granting specific bonuses and effects. The skill tree's complexity and depth provide players with endless possibilities for character progression and development.

Deep Itemization System: Another defining characteristic of Path of Exile is its deep and intricate itemization system. The game offers a vast variety of items, including weapons, armor, accessories, and more. Each item can have different rarities, modifiers, and sockets, allowing players to customize their gear extensively. The socket system enables players to enhance their items by slotting in skill gems that grant active abilities, augmenting the player's capabilities. Additionally, the currency system in Path of Exile is based on various crafting orbs, which can be used to modify and upgrade items. The combination of diverse item types, modifiers, and crafting mechanics creates a rich and complex itemization experience.
Inexplicable oneshot deads withouth reaction time possibility.
RNG staining everything.

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