Content Update 3.21.0 -- Path of Exile: Crucible

I feel like the determination and grace efficiency masteries going away is not being talked about. I mean, I like the idea of it not being a requirement to have 57 defensive auras to do anything but I don't have the wherewithal to understand the long-term impacts.
Didn't think it was possible but POE 1 better than D4 O_O

Vaal Domination

Is this Vaal Dominating Blow? Or something else?
console/PC crossplay WHEN
new vaal skills please work with hateforge man!
The Severed in Sleep Unique Sword no longer has +10-20 to all Attributes, Minions Deal 20-30% increased Damage, Minions have 60% chance to Poison Enemies on Hit, or Minions Recover 20% of Life on Killing a Poisoned Enemy. It now provides Minions have +29% Chaos Resistance, Grants level 25 Envy Skill, Minions have 60% chance to inflict Withered on Hit, and Minions have +5% to Critical Strike Multiplier per Withered Debuff on Enemy.

The United in Dream Unique Sword no longer has Minions deal 60-80% increased Damage, or Minions Leech 5% of Damage as Life against Poisoned Enemies. Instead, it now has Minions Recover 10% of Life on Killing a Poisoned Enemy.
Is that direct nerf to poison srs?
Edit: nope, that's only for non-upgraded version, big nice.
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RIP Pathfinder... :/
Can't wait to try this league!

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