Content Update 3.21.0 -- Path of Exile: Crucible

Leave it to GGG to market the mastery reworks as buffs then go on the remove almost every %increased mana reservation efficiency mastery.
Where are the Projectile and Bow Masteries ?
You can no longer create Books of Regression. Existing unused Books of Regression will be destroyed when 3.21 is deployed.

Endless Heist did nothing wrong to you Chris Wilson! NOTHING! Why must you hurt us this way!?
Some really large nerfs in here, holy crap.

Lots of disappointing changes, melee not buffed in any meaningful way really. Some interactions removed.

I dunno, have to see the league mechanic, but this could be worse than a lot of leagues meta wise.

Onslaught is gone?
Meta shake up indeed
Pog league
Close Range
No NEARBY???? :D
Pretty sad about Arcane Surge no idea why they did that.
Excellent patch.
Not fun allowed
Can someone help me understand the concoction changes? For example PC:

"Poisonous Concoction now Consumes 1 Charge per Projectile Fired from 1 Life Flask, if possible, instead of 2 Charges from 1 Life Flask". Is this a nerf to PC? I do not remember it consuming charges per projectile before.

Does this mean that with gmp+gv I am consuming a total of 9 charges? If so, my life flask will be empty within 1,5 seconds during boss fights :( Or am I udnerstanding the wording wrong?

Thank you :)
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