Content Update 3.21.0 -- Path of Exile: Crucible

boyandroid wrote:
At this point... whatever...

D4 waiting room.

Don't really care they nerf or buff anymore tbh.
I Believe I Can Fly ~~~~
Wand changes... specifically the removal of the vendor recipes? After all these years? Your reasoning makes no damn sense. You're not being as transparent as you want us to believe with your explanation of why this is being changed. I've never seen anyone say these changes were needed. You've had years to come to this conclusion? Seems odd...Maybe it's in prep for POE2... or perhaps it's somehow related to Ruthless?

I don't know what it is, but it reeks. Hence why I haven't bothered to read most of the wall of text you call patch notes. Just tired of reading a manual every league and being disappointed with needless changes for the sake of needless changes. I guess this game just isn't for me anymore.
the race event being on ruthless is the worst idea you guys have had in a hot minute and you've had some cooked ideas recently GGG. Nobody watches ruthless gamers on twitch because it is BORING TO WATCH
What will happen to sanctum unique items?
There were nothing about sanctum uniques
please make animated weapon finally able to move over loading screens. Its just unnecessary annoying to respawn them everytime you go into a map or some boss rooms etc
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Also.. this idea that you want to slow players down because they are completing the content/leveling too fast is utter nonsense. GGG, you are in full control of all of that. Why, oh why, did you ever let it get to this point of zoom zooming if your design philosophy was to make us take ages to get anywhere... HMMMMMMM? You put in all this power creep... you fool around with all the numbers. Why build us up just to tear us back down at your leisure?

I think one of the key$ to all of it lie$ within Kirac'$ Vault! Among other thing$
The nerfs are annoying (as usual) but overall it looks good. Crucible looks way way better than Sanctum (hated it) so I'm pretty hyped.

Removed +1 arrow on implicit is great, no more RMT mirror bow I guess, or at least way cheaper.
Book of regression gone makes perfect sense, you shouldn't be able to farm 30 div in Act 9, took you a long time to do something about that.

Something is missing though no? If Onslaught is removed, it should affect the Raider Ascendancy, and I didn't see it anywhere. Did I miss it or did you forget about it?

EDIT: Onslaught gem is removed but not the buff. You can still get it through items or ascendancy.
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Ah shiet, here go my vacation days again....
The fact that you've gone and nerfed minions yet again league after league with no meaningful changes to them, I definitely thought some Spectre buffs were coming this time around but nothing, just more nerfs.

It just ruin's the game for player's of a specific archetype.

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