I played 30min of Diablo IV and I already have a BIG REQUEST to GGG.

That's one of the reasons why I like the atlas passive to autocorrupt the strongboxes, it makes everything come out identified.

Though identifying more stuff in PoE may not be all that helpful, I already leave hundreds of rares on the ground per map cuz it's not worht the time; if they were id-d, it help a bit, but it wouldn't take long before they still weren't worth the time to read.

The basic problem is that for new drops to better than what you have, they need to either have access to better affixes, or you have to spend twice as long on average to find something better than what you got, and doubling gets to be a very long time quite quickly.
Moridin79 wrote:
What's truly embarrassing is that D3 has had mass ID for years. Good luck on removing ID entirely.

Diablo 2 had mass ID, Deckard Cain act 1 quest
at least you got to play

almost 6 hours and I have yet to get into the game without some error at some point

after error it's back to > 80 min wait queue lol
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They exists to give you the extra work to identify/value the items you drop manually, rather than having it all automated over loot filters and stuff.
Which is a good thing because the game is not in need for even more automated third party junk to cater the needs of lazy zoomer.
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to everyone mentioning the value of unid:

remove wisdom scrolls
right click to identify item

this means less trash from monsters(aka wisdoms), still has that little fraction to identify items.

honestly the scrolls are pointless beyond the first few zones, those are the only places you might not have enough for the stuff your picking up.
Regarding the D2 question:
Raises hand.

Scrolls in PoE
I don't really care. I could live with an innate ability to portal to town. Identification via an NPC like Deckard Cain in Diablo would also work for me.
However, I do think that items dropping unidentified is good - although I did play Animate Weapon characters in the past and the stuff dropping ID'd would have made life a whole lot easier.

I've also had an idea for an ID-system that might be fun.
You gradually learn to recognize mods by IDing. So at first, every item that drops is unidentified (or normal, of course) and the more you identify the better you learn to see what a magic or rare does. A bit like you learned monsters' hp and resists in Diablo I by killing a certain amount.

This way you'd still need to identify every item when starting out, but later could focus on items that have still unknown - and thus rare - mods that might be valuable.
At some point you'd know how to tell all the mods and items would practically all drop IDed.
A weaker version of this system would just show what mods are on the item but not the exact values, so you'd still have to take them to an NPC or use a scroll on them. So you'd have a dagger drop and it shows:
+ physical damage
+ % physical damage
+ attack speed
+ critical strike multiplier

And if a combination of these mods could be useful for you, you pick it up and get it IDed, otherwise you leave it because you know whatever the values, the item would be useless for you (or trade).

Unique items might be exempt from this because, well, they're unique and we usually recognize them anyway.
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I would say wisdom scrolls also offer a kind of tutorial function in addition to flavor. You don't have enough in the beginning so it makes it more likely a new player will look for solutions and stumble upon simple vendor recipes etc.

Also in D2 using id scrolls was still common, if your inventory was full of charms and you could just pick up 1-2 items you needed id scrolls to identify items in action and drop them again if the roll was bad etc. This could also apply to poe for newer players that want to id a lot of items. Id them on the spot and drop them again in most cases to safe some trips back to town.

Right clicking on the other hand could do all that but would probably feel terribly generic i think. Poe is an rpg after all and most newer players will treat it as one, so that is a nono...
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No. I like the scrolls.It remains as core value to original arpgs.
I wouldn't mind getting rid of scroll of wisdom and town portal. It's 2023, time for a game update, what worked 10 years ago might not necessarily be the best idea to keep for all eternity.
hasatt0 wrote:
A huge part of why PoE is fun and so deep is due to 'friction' and RNG. Remove that and it becomes D3.

That's sarcasm right? RIGHT?

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