April Expansion Name Reveal

So this is the league. there we get reforge keep suffix/prefix back, correct?
3.13 Was the best league ever!
3.18 Rest in peace my beloved recombinators, I'm gonna miss you...
Please don't bring back the blood crucible in PoE crucible i need my organs.
By the muscular golden arse of Innocence! -Kirac
Unzips pants
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aight. you have my attention
LeGyy wrote:
#1 Looks like scuffed Eminem.

Kinda lol, you are not so wrong with that xD
Hail to the king, the one and only Chris Wilson,
His mastery of the realm of gaming is unrivaled,
He reigns supreme, with skills that are a marvel,
A true god among mortals, his legend will never be dethroned.

He created the world of Wraeclast, a place of endless adventure,
A realm of magic and mayhem, where heroes are born and legends are made,
With his unwavering passion and talent, he has given us a gift,

"Is there such a thing as an absolute, timeless enemy? There is no such thing, and never has been. And the reason
is that our enemies are human beings like us. They can only be our enemies in relative terms."
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This epic gives me goosebumps, can't wait 💥
is this another useless off-map league mechanic?
scourge 2.0?

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