Fractured shard drop rate

Biovital wrote:
Only streamers get fractured shards/orbs to drop for them.

I'm not a streamer but did get one whole orb just a few hours ago.

Also these
Zionyaru wrote:
225c loss on a potential total 1325c trade is quite a large margin in trade league. (Orbs are currently 1325c [5.3 Divines] and shards are 55c)

My whole point was that if you don't want to eat a loss selling shards then you have to sit and fight with flippers to buy one shard at a time for a 20 stack so you can sell then entire orb for its full value.

Over 16% profit margin on the Shard > Full orb conversion means that there are lots of bots / players sniping shards as they appear.

That's fair enough, and not wanting to play this "market game" is also pretty understandable.

I was thinking of trying to get a fractured orb in SSF but ... it seems like it's not worth the trouble (also I don't really like harbingers, got too many of them in one of the event last league and I just consider them annoying pretty much)
SSF is not and will never be a standard for balance, it is not for people entitled to getting more without trading.
i drop one full orb and about 24 shard on yellow maps without alch :) just 20% quant it take about 200 maps
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Important thing when farming frac orbs is to have high quant maps. So corrupt your maps for max quant.
this is an old thread. i havent tried harby this league.
I was finding the same thing when running fully spec'd harbingers on tier 16's. Try dropping back to tier 10. I fairly sure it's bugged because I got 5 fractured shards and a mirror shard in 10 maps.

I have run over 100 tier 16 maps, fully specd into harbingers with gilded harbinger scarabs on every map with 0 fractured shards.

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